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It would be great to set a quotas on the dashboard that is for the entire organisation. At this moment quotas will need to be set by each individual person and cannot be set on a company level. Being able to set goals on a company level it would be easyer to manage our companie goals instead of looking at the individeual progres.

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 I agree. In most organizations the individual quotas do not necessarily add up exactly to the company goals. Without this I have to manage the company quota outside of Hubspot CRM and that is not ideal.

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Please Hubspot, so this! So many organizations manage as a team, not just as individual contributers. Having this in bar graph format on our Dashboard would be so awesome. I would love to see the goal/quota bar next to the actual (changes as deals in the organization are moved to Won). 

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Very important for our team. I manage teams across the global with different goals or quotas and different # of users in each team. Bonus points for adding the ability to have goals or quotas that can be set to different values by month. 

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Agreed. Also the ability to set different individual quotas for each month would be welcome. Seasonality comes into play and very rarely do qutoas stay consistent each month.

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Totally agree with this. The workaround would be to just average it out across the team (or put it all under one user) and disregard the names. But whether you're talking about setting individual quotas or overall organizational quotas, I think having the ability to set MULTIPLE quotas is important. Tracking the progress of different teams and revenue streams is critical.


Only having the ability to set a single quota for the company seems like a major oversight. Also, not having the ability to set each month individually makes accounting for seasonality/cyclicality impossible.

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 So glad I'm not the only one who really needs this. Please, Hubspot!

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100% agree! So much easier to track against the larger company goal than the individual. We also know that our sales year has ebbs and flows so setting a monthly goal is not reasonable for us. Annualizing our target makes much more sense!

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Yep, really need this - Need to be able to do it per organisation.
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I want to add my support to this feature: being able to see a quota separate from any indivuisual reps performance would be an incredibly useful tool. 



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This is absolutely essential and make me wonder about going through HubSpot for my organization if this functionality is not available.


Has it been integrated yet?


Thank you for your help

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+1 From me


We have a new quota for non-sales teams that do not need to track an individual's sales performance, just the team. These teams will be helping each other to reach a team goal rather than individually so this would be helpful too!

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This has been suggested for 2 years and clearly not on the priority list!  Very disappointing.  Organizations that sell B2B need visibility on the organizations sold to - not the individuals.

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Hard to explain the choice of the editor.


For most organisations monthly targets will change depending on the time of the year, and these targets will flow into a larger company target. It's crazy that in 2019 this function is not available in Hubspot