Set company goals (quotas)




It would be great to set a quotas on the dashboard that is for the entire organisation. At this moment quotas will need to be set by each individual person and cannot be set on a company level. Being able to set goals on a company level it would be easyer to manage our companie goals instead of looking at the individeual progres.

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This would be extremely helpful. We set goals as a company depending on the office. 


It would also be helpful to have options of what to set goals for. For example, we set goals regarding how much to sell to specific clients. So we want to sell $10k for client A, $50k for client B, $20k for client C. With the goals set, we could then view all the information on the Dashboard. It would be great to be able to do this in Hubspot!


Adding my +1 to the request.

Specific example: As a company, we have a set ARR goal per year, then individual reps have ARR goals per month that in total combine to more than the company goal to account for possible under/overperformance of individual reps.


The current implementation of goals doesn't allow for this, as setting up the individual goals also increases the overall quota goal which would always be unattainable (or at least very unlikely).


We would use this feature as well. Please consider adding asap.


Our organization also works with goals on customer level instead of sales rep level. We translated our total revenue goal into Hubspot sales rep goals per pipeline per month in order to be able to report and forecast on totals per pipeline. However in order to report and forecast on a customer level we use a custom company property under the Target accounts section called "Year target" and build custom reporting to report on progress. It would be nice though if goals per target account (or company) would be added as a Year target column to Target Accounts,  Forecasting and Sales Analytics.





An absolut must in a modern workplace!
We work towards OKRs and channel all activities towards these OKRs. 


One COmpany or Team OKR can be Increased MRR, another can be X number of new clients. Tto reach these each team member will have tasks/activities.


Having goals set for each teammember as Hubspot currently has means we can't use goals at all .