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Set an updated property in the sales pipeline that mandatory asks the sales rep to attach a file

It would benefit every business (mainly sales teams, sales managers, sales directors, and CEOs) to set up a business rule in the sales pipeline that asks the deal owner to attach a file in a particular deal stage that could sync in the deal's attachment. This business rule could add much value to the sales management process. The managers and directors wouldn't have to ask the reps if they uploaded a business proposal, contracts, SLA contracts, product demo presentations with a prospect, and any other document involved in the deal pipeline stage process. Setting this feature could be fantastic for every HubSpot partner and customer in management control automation.


Right now, HubSpot's logic in terms of file uploading, what it does in the deal pipeline is that whenever someone sets a file upload property, what is created is a simple line property to add a link. Still, the document link to be uploaded from HubSpot is not saved in the deal record but sends it to the file tool in the marketing module. 


If you think this feature could be for your company, please vote for this business rule idea!


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Mitwirkender/Mitwirkende | Diamond Partner

Very much needed! In some cases we have a contact uploading a file into a property - however when they don't do this, the hubspot user should be able to do so in the same property. However this is not easy to do and they should or paste a link from the marketing file manager or use the attachments section - which means sometimes the file is in the property (from the form) and sometimes in the attachment section. This is not user friendly at all. Also making it mandatory to have a file uploaded in a certain stage is a MUST feature.

Mitglied | Platinum Partner

It is very necessary!!! Sales and Service pipelines need to record at each step some type of "proof" which is often a document, contract, offer, GANTT, etc. Adding this functionality to HubSpot would allow us to have a better audit of the sales and service process.

Mitglied | Platinum Partner

Yes, this is absolutely needed! With more folks switching to HubSpot we are seeing larger and larger businesses moving their processes over to deal and ticket pipelines. In almost every instance they are working with external quoting systems, external drafting systems, and the like. As deals or tickets move through the process, it's important that they upload these quotes and renderings to the CRM. I'm not able to use a File property type in the CRM - that would seem to be the quickest fix here, nor am I able to require an Attachment at certain stages. This omission is currently hampering a large Enterprise suite opportunity for us.


has this feature been added since this message at all?