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Set a max length on a property

I work on Hubspot Professional version and we integrate it with Quickbooks and other software which have field length restrictions. I expected to be able to set field lengths as an attribute of a property but cannot find anywhere. What happens now is that our Deal Name, for example, is getting truncated to the 41 characters QB handles. This isn't optimal.  Please add the ability to set a max character length (and really for other validations such as Min, required, and unique) for our properties like most databases, Salesforce, and in general most software out there that allows customization of any kind. Thank you.

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Same need here, but with Sage ERP. I'd like to be able to create a single line text limited to 30 characters to be the comment on a sales order that matches with a deal synced to Sage.

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We'd like character limitations as well so that we can limit characters allowed in form submissions. Eg: Briefly describe xxx (max. 100ch). So could instruct to be limited at Form-build level or at Property level.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi everyone,

I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to submit, vote and comment on this Idea. My name is Shay, and I’m the Product Manager for HubSpot’s Properties. 

I'm happy to announce that this feature is now In Beta!!!


We are rolling this feature out over the next couple of weeks. Once this feature is available in your portal, you will see an option to opt into the beta within your portal under "Product Updates".


To learn more, check out this KB Doc: Set validation rules for a property


We’ll be sure to update you here and on our Product Updates blog as soon as this feature is Delivered.





Hi Shay - 


I'm using this BETA currently and found that the field MAX/MIN characters does not work inside the Hubspot Forms.   It only works when a field is edited inside of Hubspot.

This is potentially a problem as forms can change field values as well.    So even though a limit is set, form submissions can override the limits, leading to data inconsistencies.  

Think this feature is AWESOME, but would like it rolled out to form support as well. 

Mike J.


Hi Mike and Shay,


I just spent over an hour chatting with HS support to come to the same point... I really cannot see the point of this functionality UNLESS it works at the Data Entry I am making a new Contact and I need people to fill in Country. So we set up min number of characters on 2 yet people can still not fill in anything at all the the record is stored.  Btw, please do not advise me to set up this field as mandatory since there are data and HS does not allow for that 😞 Which is another point...why I cannot set Mandatory some field which has data in it, I can't see that...clearly, not everything is set up properly from the start and users need tools to adjust the HS behaviour as we go...I will enter another suggestion for this as to me this is so much needed and it's rather basics...


Thanks,Alex from AISEMO.COM