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Set a date in the future by using the "Set a property value" in the workflows



It would be great if we could set a date in the future by using the "set a property value" feature in the workflows.

Nowadays we can only set an static date or set the day of the step.

It would be useful if we could set for example a date 30 days later. 

For example, if I want to automatically postpone my deal close date to 60 days after the creation date through a workflow, I cannot do it.


very useful!

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Indeed, that would be useful for a lot of use cases.

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that would be really useful ! ðŸ™


I was also going to request this as it would be super helpful in our internal processes! For our company, we have our clients go through an onboarding process when they join our network. We require them to complete their onboarding within 60 days and manage the process through workflows. In Hubspot we have a property for Onboarding Start Date, and we also have an Onboarding Deadline Date. We reference the Onboarding Deadline Date in the next step/reminder emails, so it needs to be set upfront. Currently we are manually having to count out 60 days from the Onboarding Start Date and set the property date. It would be nice if when the individual first entered the workflow we could use the "Set Contact Property" to automatically do 60 days from property Onboarding Start Date. 


Another vote for this please.  We want to set a property value to be 14 days after create date.


essential funcionality in our business.

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This functionality now works in the "Format Data" workflow action inside Operations Hub! Here's a video I posted explaining how it works:

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We really need this too - I see the functionality exists when you have CRM Hub but that's a huge additional cost to incur for this fairly basic functionality.  Any chance this is being worked on for other hub access?


This would be great to have so we can set up expiry dates for our customer success team to be able to easily reference in the object record - it says that it's been delivered, but that's not true the only options in workflows is a static date or the date of the action in the workflow. Can someone from HubSpot (maybe @MeganLegge since you posted "delivered") clarify what was actually delivered and update us if this is something that might be coming soon...


Hi @DLContreras,


Kyle's linked video above does a great walk through of this, linked here too:


Note that this particular workflow action is availble with the Operations Hub Pro and Operations Hub Enterprise subscriptions.





This is something simple that should be included, please add this feature ASAP.


Hello All,


If anyone is still searching for a workflow action to set a future date and/or specific date X days from Y, please upvote the following thread:


Thank you!

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Hello 🙋🏼‍


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