Set a User as Out of Office


Submitting an idea to set a user within HubSpot as out of office. This would be beneficial to help automation and workflows know when not to send a task, contact, etc to someone out of the office. The meetings tool does this for the meetings links, but anywhere else that might be automated does not have a feature to set availability. 


Under users&teams it would be nice to access availability or out of office features. 

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We absolutely need this feature not only for workflows and tasks but also for tickets and conversations. 

We are now in the situation when a co-worker didn't know somebody is OOO and re-opened the ticket -> the ticket is stuck until somebody is back. 


I use the workaround with changing the team, but when you have multiple forms, channels, inboxes etc - it becomes a nightmare to remember the list of all places where you need to change the team as well. 



There is a big lack of functionality for Out Of Office situation. It's well implemented for Outlook and related services, so it would be great to have the same thing for Hubspot. 


There has got to be an easier way of dealing with OOO staff.