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Set Up Company Property Notifications if Changed

I had found this blog about setting up notifications if properties were changed (Solved: HubSpot Community - Receive a notification everytime a properties changes? - HubSpot Communi...). This was great, however, it was only available to contact workflows. When I tried to do the same for a company workflow and noticed "Workflow Status" if not an option when choosing an "if/then" part to the workflow. If this is added, then this could work for company properties as well. 

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Hi @Courtney_Clark 


You can follow the same steps described in this article to set this up for company properties in a company workflow.

There is no default notification/trigger for any change on any property, but rather you'd have to pick a number of properties whose change you want to monitor.

My main question/concern about notifications on any and all changes, is the potential flood of notifications. Depending on what you want to monitor and why, going down the route of a property change dashboard might be a better option.