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Set Property Value for Specific Deal/Ticket (not all deals/tickets) Using Workflows

Context: When building a company or contact based workflow, you have the ability to use information from your contact/company records to set or copy property values to deals and tickets. HOWEVER, when you do it, you're not able to specify a deal/ticket in a specific pipeline but rather are setting the value for ALL existing associated deals/tickets. 


Problem: When using multiple deal/ticket pipelines, you run the risk of unintentionally changing data on unrelated deals/tickets and making them inaccurate. 


Specific Use Case: I have a workflow that is assigning the company property "Onboarding Owner". I also need that owner to be copied over to the "Ticket Owner" property in my Onboarding ticket pipeline. If I could add filtering to my workflow to say Set Property Value "Ticket Owner" to "x" in my Onboarding Pipeline that would solve my problem because it would leave out tickets in the Support pipeline from getting their ticket owner changed. I recognize it's unlikely that a support ticket would be opened prior to onboarding starting, but it is still a possibility I need to account for and I don't want to cause a mess in another unrelated pipeline. Would love to see this functionality come to fruition at some point. 

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Here's an example in a company based workflow, I can only set the property on ALL associated tickets, not for tickets in a specific dropdown


Need the same functionality for deals!