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Set Monthly Goal for Bar/Column Charts in Reports

Hi Team (Submitting on behalf of Customer), 


Currently, for line graphs, we can add a monthly report goal but when I select bar or column chart, I can't add a point/line for a monthly report. Is it possible to have that for them too? 

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The new Quota attainment reports in the Sales Analytics tool has the ability to show forecast goals in a bar graph, so this means it's technically possible. But those reports can't currently be edited to suit the needs of our organization.


Definitely +1 to this idea.


Another +1. Would love to have this option in a single object deals report for a quarterly basis. The line chart does not suit our needs as well as the bar graph does.  And the Sales Analytics tool does not allow the customization to show exactly what we want. 

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Much needed to be able to have sales targets in all report assets (graphs, tables etc). Moreover, sales targets should be able to defined in local currencies (not only in portal curency) and used in dashboards and forecasts just like deal amount and deal amount in local currency. 


+1 to this. Was surprised to see that the report tool didn't have an option to just "add a monthly goal" as a simple line.