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Set Google contacts/Outlook sync settings on team level

As a super admin, I'd like to be able to set up my team members (marketing, sales, and anyone else using HubSpot) with a Google Contacts integration that mirrors my own settings, field mappings and limits.
It takes quite a few steps for each individual team member to re-create the proper parameters, so this would save a lot of time cumulatively.
Even more importantly, it is vital for data privacy compliance (including GDPR and California privacy law, etc.) that everyone on the team handles contact info correctly (one major pillar of this is *not* contacting people for reasons other than what they have consented to). The limits set within the integration settings form a part of our risk mitigation strategy for this, and it would be ideal to apply them across the board rather than leaving it to individuals.
The same request applies to the Outlook contacts sync.