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Set Goals in Multiple Currencies

Love the new currencies feature in HubSpot, however it needs to be extended to allow goal setting by currency. We have sales folks in different countries, it doesn't work well to set goals in the company's home currency.


Please ensure that you've carried through the multi-currency aspect throughout HubSpot.

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Yes, please add this AND allow for central management of product prices in various countries directly in the main currency settings, ie. have 1 master currency for which you define the „hard coded“ price list for initial import and then simply select additional currencies which calculate the respective foreign price list automatically.


Agree, much eneded implementation, at the moment we operate in 5 different countries so have 5 currencies for the local sales and reports but they can;t track their revenue vs goals in local currency. 


Necesito que por favor las metas de los representantes de ventas, se puedan configurar en diferentes monedas para cada uno de los representantes, pues tenemos monedas diferentes para las mediciones, peso mexicano, peso colombiano, dolar americano, peso chileno... entre otras. Gracias


Agree. I really need this feature, I have teams in different countries and I need to set goals in their home currency as well as the reports.


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Hi Hubspot Team,

this "idea" - which if you ask should be standard - has not received a single Hubspot comment since it was created in June 2019.

Whenever something does not work as expected and we open a ticket, we are asked to add this to the community for ideation .... and then in >90% of all cases nothing happens and the support ticket gets closed.


In combination with the above requests from @PeterP and us, I still have an open case/idea which is very much related to this one.

It´s not about the currency itself but about having sales teams in various countries working from different corporate addresses/entities.

WE really need a solution for the QUOTES to display the respective organization of the sales rep. It is a nightmare for reps outside of Germany to create quotes because in every single quote, they have to manually change that organizational information. You should - and this request is also OLD as stone age - ADD the option to the company profile to provide multiple entities/geographies with their addresses. With that super simple solution, sales reps can be associated to the respective entity which then will automatically show up in the sales rep´s quotes.


THANKS for hopefully no longer ignoring that you have enterprise customers using the SalesHub which have sales reps on all continents ....

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Hi everyone,


I’m Joe, the Ideas Forum manager. I've been in contact with the product team about this Idea, and wanted to relay our current status.


At this time there are no plans to develop this Idea. This is not to say that this idea will never be developed, just that there are no plans to do so at this time.


This thread will stay open for upvotes and feedback, so please continue to share your thoughts.






This will be so helpful for our sales teams.  although we do have a company currency, our customers in the work in local currency sales, as do our sales teams and it's not fair to hold them accountable for the vicissitudes of foreign exchange movements.

I'll beta test this if it helps - such an important tool.



This is a much needed feature for companies that are managing multiple regions. While it is possible to do the conversion, it would streamline the process if they could enable different currenices in the first place. 


This is really important to us and kind of a show stopper as it is impossible for our teams to all work in the same currecies. Without this we would not go for the sales professional seats.   The converstion of currecies change all the time and will no be able to work as a straight forward goal. 


I agree that this is an essential feature for managing global/ cross-border sales teams.