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Set Goals in Multiple Currencies

Love the new currencies feature in HubSpot, however it needs to be extended to allow goal setting by currency. We have sales folks in different countries, it doesn't work well to set goals in the company's home currency.


Please ensure that you've carried through the multi-currency aspect throughout HubSpot.

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@JeannieN Really great to hear. The more that sales teams can leverage existing features in Hubspot, the less they have to create hacks and workarounds, the more efficient and useful the CRM becomes.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi @LHedegaard0, thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, I'm not in a position to share timelines, especially for product areas that I don't own. Overall, we're working to prioritize the individual areas of work for multicurrency, based on highest impact. 


Hello, agree that we need the ability to set goals in different currencies. I'm a rookie user in HS after using the other guys for >10 years and the less workarounds the better!


Any updates to currencies and goals? And related, to Show Insights? At present, those are both tools that hold zero value for 85% of the users who are not based in the home country/currency. Given the global nature of most businesses, this continued lack of support for local currency customization is frustrating.