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Set Goals by lifecycle stages

Please could we have the ability to set goals against LifeCycle stages, for example MQL's, since we are targetted on how many we generate and it would be fantastic to be able to see reports against this target. 


Also, the sales team are also targeted on SQLs and Opps so being able to apply this to all stages would be fantastic

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This would be great! Sales goals are great as they pertain to revenue, but why limit it there? Being able to tie together revenue goals to an associated goal of incoming leads per month/quarter would allow for a more complete vision for larger scale goals as a company.

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Insert a third column "goal conversion" beside the "next step conversion" and the "cumulative conversion" in order to fill in your conversion goals.


Needed! Especially as you can put Goals against sales & service metrics. 

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Commenting for a customer here.

Definitely a handy feature to have, setting a monthly MQL or SQL target in the portal and being able to report to see the Achieved % vs Goals.


Need this feature too to set goals for number of MQLs, SQLs, etc.

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+1 for this functionality. I have a client who can't figure out why we can set revenue goals and track against them, but not goals for MQLs. This would be super helpful.


This is so importante!

We need to mensure our campaigns and results.


RD Station yet have this - we put the principal marketing goals for the month (sessions in website, new leads/contacts, MQLs and sales).


We wait for this improvement.


A must indeed, our business KPIs are not only based on MRR but also key marketing goals (MQL, SQL, etc.). That is just a simple declination of what is already accessible with a Sales Pro Plan (revenue), please add at least SQL as a quick-win!

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Should be a great feature. I have this need for few customers, and the only answer is to use an other tool ! 


+1 on this request. We want to do this and are struggling on how to do it without resorting to a manual process outside HubSpot via spreadsheets, etc. This is a much needed enhancement.

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This features is very important when we speack with prospect. With this we can established the % of potential market prospected / How many converted etc...

By example : 

we have a potential market of 50 000 accounts 
We reach 35 000 on social media, convert 5000 with our newsletters (subscribers), 500 like SQLs, and 50 clients
We can considere that we got 10% of the potential market with our newsletter and the goal is 15% after the end of the year. 


Needed!!! Has this thread gone anywhere?!


Much needed! The abilty to report and see the achieved % vs goals.

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Ouch, was expecting this would be an obvious goal option, but no dice 😞 For some reason I am able to choose contacts in a specific lifecycle stage as a goal, but only in combination with an ad campaign. Most businesses will do more than just run ad campaigns to acquire MQLs, SQLs etc. Would be very helpful to have a goal like this.