Set Default Timezones in Meeting Scheduler App

My team has come across an issue when using the meeting scheduling app for tradeshows. We want to create a calendar where users can book a meeting with us at a tradeshow. The problem that we've come across is that when the user opens up the meeting calendar, they are shown times according to their default timezones. Why is this a problem? It is a problem because when a user books, they are booking with the tradeshow's timezone in mind. 
If the tradeshow is on PST but the user is on EST; this could create scheduling problems. We'd like to eliminate the problems by setting the default timezone to wherever the tradeshow will actually be.

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Yes – this definitely should be a feature ASAP.

It's an awful user experience to schedule meetings in your local timezone (e.g. Paris) if the meeting is going to take place in an entirely different time zone (e.g. Las Vegas). It's counterintuitive for a user to sit in Paris and schedule their meeting at 10 PM (since the calendar is in their local time) because they want the meeting on-site in Vegas to take place at 1 PM.

With this in mind the feature in the meeting link set-up where you choose the meeting time zone is very misleading.

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I agree, I am currently experiencing this exact problem with contacts across the world scheduling face to face meetings it is causing us havoc. Hubspot, please sort this issue asap!

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Yes, this is a very desirable feature. We regularly attend events where you want to book people in a known fixed timezone, I naively thought that choosing time zone in the meetings configuration sorted this out but alas not Smiley Sad

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Is there any solution for this?
The scheduler is absolutely useless otherwise.

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HS team, let's find a fix for this, it has been posted a while ago and the solution should be very straight forward.

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We have now gone for an alternative booking system that allows to fix timezones.

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Which one is that?

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This is easily done in Outlook but then the Hubspot meeting scheduler is useless.  With our business, multiple users across multiple time zones are scheduling meetings with clients in various time zones.  It doesn't work with Hubspot.