Set Deal Stage Win Probability to 0%


Sometime a deal isn't lost, but saying it has a 10% win percentage chance is an overstatement. We have many deals in a long-term follow up stage that should be 0% chance of closing, realistically, to prevent them from clogging up our reporting. 


Possibile solutions:  

- Add 0% as an option to the dropdown used to assign win probability to a deal stage

- Allow custom numbers to be entered instead of the fixed 10%, 20%, etc. tiers 

HubSpot updates
Status updated to: Delivered
Mar 11, 2019

Hi HubSpot community, 

Thank you for your continued feedback. I'm excited to let you know that, as of a few minutes ago, custom win amounts are now supported in the HubSpot CRM. To build a custom amount, visit pipeline settings and then the win probability dropdown, type in a custom amount. Then, enter a custom win probability for a given stage - that’s all! 

All of us on the HubSpot Product Team are excited to see how you use this new functionality to help grow your business! 

Jun 2, 2017

I do think being able to customize the % would improve analytics. Especially specifics.


If someone is still in the prospecting phase of their sales cycle are you creating a deal? It might be easier to have the team only create a deal once they've been recognized as a sales opportunity through a booked meeting or after a discovery call.

What is the best way to use deals?


Maybe using the Lead Status field to track prospects that are not yet in a deal stage - here's an article that talks about some ideas for managing leads with lead status before they are a sales opportunity worth creating a deal: How can I use the Lead Status property in my sales process?

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We need increments of 5% too!  We use 25%, 75% and 95%.


Definitely a necessity for us. Come on Hubspot Dev team. This has to be SOOOO simple to deliver.


Extremely Necessary


This seems easy to implement--and critical for users.


Being able to customise the win probabilities, even if only in 5% increments would be hugely beneficial. Our deals progress, but the win probability doesn't truly increase by 10% each time. Consequently, our sales forecasts in Hubspot are roughly 50% higher than we think they should be.


One more vote for 0% and 5% increments. 


The default 10% incriments essentially make this feature pointless as a forcasting tool for us.

The flexibility to choose a number between 0-100 would make this feature an effective tool and make reporting more accurate.


We also would like to be able to set the percentage probability to our needs and that is in some stages 0% but currently this is not possible.


Absolutely basic aspect of CRM is custom probabilities. when a lead comes in, it is not a 10% chance of closing... it might be 2%. Please prioritize this... 



In our reporting we need to be very specific, more than HubSpot allows us with their "ballpark probability rates".

Reports are made for management and investors which all demand more specific numbers than multiples of 10%.

Not being able to be so specific leads to not using HubSpot at all for reporting or weighted pipelines anymore.




According to a Hubspot telemarketer I just spoke to, this customizable probability is a feature when you upgrade to a paid account (my business uses the free version). Can anyone confirm this?


Hi bennett !


I can assure you that this is not the case. We are using HubSpot Sales with 30 Licenses and it is NOT possible to reduce the probability down to 0%.... We are also waiting for HubSpot to change that.


Hope that helps.


We also have paid licenses.  I wonder if Hubspot looks at this board?  We need this updated in the system!




@martinsieblerI understand 0% isn't an option for paid accounts, but are 5% (or customizable) increments an option?


@bennett not that I can see.  5% would be fine for me, as our entry stage is 5%, but they don't set that. To be honest there's quite a lot of functionality missing on the sales funnel reporting side of things - the aging of leads isn't handled well, and the lack of storage of the date that a status changed is a problem.


I agree for custom percentages!


This is a no-brainer and I can't understand why this isn't possible.  We can see through deal funnel reports the probability of a stage-to-win.  At the best, this data should drill directly into a forecasting report.  At the worst, we should be able to manually update the win probability to integers that aren't in increments of 10% - which is not even an option. 


This is a huge flaw and makes any forecasting in the system irrelevant even though the data is there.  A total head-scratcher.  


This is a bit of a no-brainer. 

And should of been included when this thread was started this requires minimum work on back end and front end. Tying it a multiples of 10% just seems very stupid. 
Regarding sales version vs free I recently convinced us to upgrade to the professional version second only to Enterprise. 
Convinced by a sales rep who massivley oversold the system (selling to seller). She through in all these perks discounts and free onboarding expert who would bascially work as a consultant and build our whole infrastructure within the first month she promised. So far the onboarding (a 30min conf call with what I would describe as tech support) has added very little more telling me about the parts, that I can't use becasue voila I dont have enterprise. And just as the sales rep intepreting my questions in the most basic manner inorder to reassure me that full large scale automation is possible...... 

In my previous company we threw out Salesforce in exchange for Salesflare a small Belgium scale up that is doing a great job with CRM and their free support is more handson and supportive than the 365euro or 400$ onboarding we get here. 

Its a great free CRM but the added value and the actual limited work input I get from theirs consultans is really worrying. 


Completely agree that you need to be able to set the % and have 0% as an option.


We have implemented a workaround.


We created a stage where the probability is 'lost' and have renamed it to '0% Lead'


We have been using it for 6 months and it seems to work fine instead of a real 0% stage.



Very much needed, should be an easy development task,  add a 0% as a start.