Set Deal Stage Win Probability to 0%

Sometime a deal isn't lost, but saying it has a 10% win percentage chance is an overstatement. We have many deals in a long-term follow up stage that should be 0% chance of closing, realistically, to prevent them from clogging up our reporting. 


Possibile solutions:  

- Add 0% as an option to the dropdown used to assign win probability to a deal stage

- Allow custom numbers to be entered instead of the fixed 10%, 20%, etc. tiers 

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Similar use case at our company, and I would support both of the possible solutions above being implemented. Within our company, we have defined probably percentages against four different stages of an opportunity, in multiples of 25%. I'd like our internal probability tracking to mirror what we show in our pipeline, but the deal probability percentages currently are only able to be assigned in multiples of 10%. I'm requesting a "custom" percentage probability in general, or more specifically for us, a 25% and 75% probability percentage. Similarly, there is no option to assign an opportunity a 0% probability, but there are certain "leads" we would like to track in our pipeline that we wouldn't want to assign any type of likelihood of closing to yet. 

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Completely agree. One of the first issues that I had as a CRM user.

Our prospecting process has a <2% chance of closing a deal. We meticulously track our conversion rates and the ability to customize these fields would be VERY valuable for our sales forecasting.

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Agree the percentages either need to be customizable to a specific number or at least include more options.  In my case I need in the short term 25% and 75% to be added.  Thanks!

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HubSpot Product Team

I do think being able to customize the % would improve analytics. Especially specifics.


If someone is still in the prospecting phase of their sales cycle are you creating a deal? It might be easier to have the team only create a deal once they've been recognized as a sales opportunity through a booked meeting or after a discovery call.

What is the best way to use deals?


Maybe using the Lead Status field to track prospects that are not yet in a deal stage - here's an article that talks about some ideas for managing leads with lead status before they are a sales opportunity worth creating a deal: How can I use the Lead Status property in my sales process?

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Thanks, @glencornell !

I hadn't come across this article yet.

Do you use this method for prospecting? If so, I would like to hear more about how it works practically (in real life).

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I agreee with the comments NINAD and JohnSoza above. We have to be able to adjust pipeline sales stage % to fit our pipeline model. at least in 5% increments, or we end up putting 3 stages at 90%. For example, if we have a signed contract we would call that 95% and only allow 100% when the cusotmer pays their invoice and services commence (and reps then can claim commission). 

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Completely agree.

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This is needed!

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Absolutely agree on this. Our lead probability of conversion is 5%, and our proposal conversion rate 35% - it's a pain working within the 10,20,40 ranges.


I also need the option to select 0% for example if a project is cancelled so we dont want it to count as a loss but there is no chance of it converting. Likewise if a project is put on hold we would use this option. We also would like a 5% and 25% option too so the option to set our own % would be the best solution to this I feel.