Set Deal Stage Win Probability to 0%

Sometime a deal isn't lost, but saying it has a 10% win percentage chance is an overstatement. We have many deals in a long-term follow up stage that should be 0% chance of closing, realistically, to prevent them from clogging up our reporting. 


Possibile solutions:  

- Add 0% as an option to the dropdown used to assign win probability to a deal stage

- Allow custom numbers to be entered instead of the fixed 10%, 20%, etc. tiers 

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absolutely needed. Should be super simple to just let users allow to customize the radio buttons (or even better select option to enter any number)

A stage does not always mean the same percentage

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Yes since upgraded we have 4 general pipelines with unique stages for each pipeline 
Some pipelines have more stages than other since they are run on up sales/or agency approach sales that require more than one buying party. 
So we are very much in need of for example having a 2% probablity ratio in our generic 
First Contact Established stage. 
Interest shown is probably 7% considering how many deals get closed from this stage
So I wouldn't say it is until a Qualified Interest from the end consumer that probabiltiy is offer 10 (around 15-20 depending on what funnel we are in). 



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Im even fine with not having 0% as I can undertstand the binary logic for that if something is 0 it is absolute no chance of closing but the reason we are using percentages and not fractions or any other metrics. Is so that we can make use of the nuances that a 100 number scale provides. So smallest choice should at least be 1. 

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Currently you have to choose a percentage that's a multiple of 10% for close probability for deal stages (e.g. 10%, 20%, 30%...etc)


Giving the option to set at multiples of 5% would be a huge help (e.g. %5, 10%, 15%...etc) - I want to use HubSpot more and more for reporting and dashboards but this makes it more of a challenge to forecast accurately.



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We also need the option to add other values than the predefined.

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It would be even better if you just allow up to enter our own percentage!

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We need the ability to customize probabilities as well! We sync Hubspot with Netsuite CRM and are unable to accurately use Hubspot deals because the probabilites don't match exactly.

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This would be great. Just migrating over from Copper where we had the first pipeline stage set at 0% to hold an opportunity when and SDR set an appointment for an account manager. After the account manager had the discovery call, then it would move to 10%.


So we use it as a mechanism to show SDR output.

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Custom win probabilities would be huge. I just went in to make changes to make our pipeline more granular, and realized it doesn't do it. Disapointed. 

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Great Idea - Anything happening about this?