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As an Enterprise Sales customer, we should be able to set custom goals. I love that we can set goals for number of calls made, deals created or revenue but I'd also like to set goals for individual users based on Number of Deals Closed by Pipeline and (more importantly for us) Deals with a Deal Stage Modified This Month. We want to be able to show how our Sales associates are progressing their customers through the sales process. This will help us better understand at what point of the sales process do our Sales associates need specific training. If they have had 20 deals progress to Step 3 of the process and only 8 progress to Step 4 then we know that we can focus training efforts on how to get customers to a Step 4. Setting goals around this would be helpful if only on a cumualitive basis. 

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Has anyone found a workaround??? Or it doesn't really exist? 


I can create custom fields, but not goals against those fields? Seems odd. 

I should be able to create a custom goal against any field, or at least create a report with a "Goal" line that we can then adjust and use. 

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Totally agree! This would be very helpful.


We really need this, I for example need to have the option to create my goals based on Deals closed/Won! 

I feel is such a basic need and I am impressed is not available.

Sadly this idea was suggested in 2019 and still not available.

Hope is created soon!!


Totally agree. This a really weak point in Hubspot.

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I hope we are able to create goals based on Deals Closed SOON!


Cannot agree more. A strong CRM as Hubspot which such a big weakness...

Still cannot understand why it is not up and running. the comunity need it !

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Basic functionality that is desperately needed.