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As an Enterprise Sales customer, we should be able to set custom goals. I love that we can set goals for number of calls made, deals created or revenue but I'd also like to set goals for individual users based on Number of Deals Closed by Pipeline and (more importantly for us) Deals with a Deal Stage Modified This Month. We want to be able to show how our Sales associates are progressing their customers through the sales process. This will help us better understand at what point of the sales process do our Sales associates need specific training. If they have had 20 deals progress to Step 3 of the process and only 8 progress to Step 4 then we know that we can focus training efforts on how to get customers to a Step 4. Setting goals around this would be helpful if only on a cumualitive basis. 

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Completely agree, would love to be able to set goals around a much larger set of CRM objects that a sales rep typically manages.


Totally agree - the ability to set custom goals at the Enterprise level should be a given. 


Hi, I would totally agree with this comment. We take our income on an initial basis and then charge clients and ongoing fee. It would be great to measure against target on the ongoing fee as well as the initial/deal.

thanks and hope we can make this happen.


How is this not a feature already? Hubspot manages to do the complicated thing right and forget about the smaller more powerful features. 


Totally agree on this. We even have custom properties within deals that we use to track adoption beyond just revenue, so it would be really valuable to be able to customize the goals to include some of those other metrics within deals as well.

Could also see this being really valuable as we're looking at ALL activity - not just calls.


Need to create goals for Forecast Value and Pipeline Value Added, for example. Based on:

- Forecast:Pipeline Stages and on Manual Forecast Property Value

- Pipeline: Pipeline Value


Agreed, this would be very helpful.


It would be great to have the ability to set goals on each stage of the pipeline, either by a number or percentage of the previous stage.


We would love to be able to edit these and/or create our own goals as well.  



Totally agree! For our company would be very helpful to set up goals for sales reps in number of units sold as far as this is the key custom property which we also use for global company goal.


Definitely need to be able to expand the custom goals we are able to set for Enterprise customers.


custom goals would be great! I don't understand why HubSpot hasn't already got tracking of one value against another. In our business we are focusing on number of KPIs that drive our business and calls and meetings aren't necesaarity all of them - they are good leading indicators, but we want to also track other lagging indictors than deals and revenue. 


I agree as well. Its is strange that one is able to create other custom properties within other areas of HubSpot but not this one as it is a feature many sales teams are demanding so they can accurately record performace and KPIs

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Hi All, 

This is absolutely a must for HubSpot Enterprise. For our team, we need to set-up sales goals on margin values. 

Did anyone manage to find a workaround to create custom goals? 


Completely agree. In fact this would be a tipping point for me to go from professional to enterprise. We have lots of custom objects I want to set goals around.