Set Blog Post expiration/unpublish date

Sometimes blog posts or more frequently posts to an events blog, are time sensitive, and we want the events to be unpublished after the event. 

You've added the ability to expire pages, why not posts? Please add this feature!

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Totally agreed! We use blog also for event publishing and this feature would be great.

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I have done this with javascript and jquery. The problem with that is it's kind of hacking hubspot to do what I want to do, also it was with a previous client and have not been able to replicate the solution. My company and I are tired of hacking and want to use the platform in it's intentions and functionality. I feel like this is such a common feature that should be utilized and accessable for hubspot users. 

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Agree this is needed.

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Yes! This would be very helpful!

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Agree - would be perfect for an upcoming events blog. 

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Absolutly agree! Perfect for events and time sensitive posts.