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Set Association Labels On Records via a Workflow

I would love to be able to add in the new association labels using a workflow - rather than needing to do this manually.

this would enable businesses who have contact A who makes a booking and Contacts B, C, D etc who attend a course or an event flagged as attendees. so a business knows which are valuable contacts.


It would also be helpful to be able to use a workflow to send different communications to clients based on their association tag.

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Posting this on behalf of a customer. This feature would be incredibly helpful especially when dealing with thousands of deal records that need a contact association label. The current workarounds are very manual and inefficient, requiring an export of all deals, splitting the deals into rows for each associated contact and then reimporting the excel with the associated label. A workflow would make all of this so much easier.


This would save customers a lot of time and effort, so please prioritise this :')


When you have a customer base of thousands of contacts, the manual way of associating labels just doesn't work. Please fix this quick Hubspot! 


Come on Hubspot, step your game up

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Now we can send MKT emails to contacts with a specific label.

It would also help if we could send MKT emails to "all contacts except those with label x".


It would be great to have the option to set an association label using workflows especially in cases where multiple tickets are created based on the different stages of the associated deals. Mapping an association label automatically as and when a ticket is created for a deal will allow us to build more personalized workflows based on the association labels of the tickets. Adding them manually is a pain considering the sheer number of deals that come through.


100% agreed. I've got three labels for one custom object, and I would love to have the ability to set the labels in a workflow. Manual is a giant time suck. 


This seems like an absolutely necessary feature - why can't we do this already? I'm currently setting up a Custom Object to track Referrals made by an existing customer or partner for a new prospect. It would be incredibly helpful to associate who is the Primary (prospect) and who is the Secondary (referrer) within a workflow.


We would like this implemented as well. Ours is high volume as well.


get this done asap


+1 to this idea


We need this improvement as soon as possible because all our workflows depend on it. We can't be associating tags manually for every business we create.

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This would be super helpful! I really need this ASAP. 


I am agree with everything who was said above this would be super usefull !

Example from my case, because our product is sold by a distribution network, every distributor has its own deal. It could happen that few distributors send the same lead in the same period of time, so we need to identify wich deal is the main one and wich deal we have to automatically close because it was sent too late.

Before this feature arrives, i have no idea of how to deal with that...


+1 to what everyone else has said. We've wanted multiple companies associated to a deal and labels for a long time, come on Hubspot - add the automation feature!


Hi everyone, i want to add another use case to my previous message. It could be great to be able to use labels on workflows.


For example : when the association between contact and company is "primary" then...


Please add this ability! Not having it makes the whole process of using them completely manual, and almost useless when trying to use them with deals that are created via automation. 


My goal: Lead submits form, deal is created on form submission, contact who submitted form gets 'associated label' of Customer. 


This is important for us as well. Is there at least a way in the backend to do it?

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Yes please - we need to be able to create deals from form submissions (via a workflow) and label the Contact-Deal association at the same time, as needed for automation downstream. 


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Hugely necessary, especially when creating a new object via workflow.

When a new financial contact is added to a custom object I need a way to mark them as such so that I can be sure that the right person gets the right comms. 

Ideally we could create associations themselves between two existing records via a Workflow, but I imagine that might be asking for a little too much. 

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This feature would help us out a lot as well!