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Set Association Labels On Records via a Workflow

I would love to be able to add in the new association labels using a workflow - rather than needing to do this manually.

this would enable businesses who have contact A who makes a booking and Contacts B, C, D etc who attend a course or an event flagged as attendees. so a business knows which are valuable contacts.


It would also be helpful to be able to use a workflow to send different communications to clients based on their association tag.


I would also love to be able to set a label association using a workflow. Or even being able to bulk edit would be helpful. Love the capabilities of this feature just missing bulk edits/workflow options. 


YES. I want to be able to bulk edit my inactive contacts to indicate that they are former employees of a company rather than doing this one at a time.


Agreed, would like to be able to do this natively. Would also like to be able to check whether a certain label exists on an object via workflow. We have custom objects and would like to be able to do work based on whether or not that associated custom object on our deal has a certain label. 

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Yes - setting labels via workflows & bulk edit would be useful.

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Yes, totally agree.  I would also like to be able to pull associated contacts via personalisation tokens in to emails generated by workflows, eg when a deal closes key customer contacts can be detailed in the email going out to the service team.

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This would be especially helpful in the case where we need to copy properties from one object to another. Since the native "copy a property" relies on the association label to make sure you're copying to the correct / intended deal / company / etc. Being able to set the association label in mass, automatically, can really help us connect the dots more quickly for a customer to enable more complete automation.


It would be so useful to us to be able to edit association labels through automation/batch edit them. Please make this so! 🙏


Agree with all of the above. We mark our deals with Association Labels (Opportunity, Lost Opportunity and Customer). It would be great to run workflows/automation to change those labels as they move into different deal stages.


Ex. If a deal we're actively pitching has the association label "Opportunity" > then that deal gets Closed Won, the Association Label should auto update to "Customer". 


Being able to automatically apply an association label for a deal --> contact would be useful to associate different deals with different pipelines that one contact may be associated with.


This would enable workflows within different pipelines to change property values of deals specific to that pipeline as per the association label.


This would help us a lot with partner contacts associated to deals. We constantly have to exclude partner contacts from workflows - but I need to rely on Sales Consultants to manually apply the label. A workflow to allow me to to apply labels to contacts on deals where the contact is associated with a partner company would help prevent the inevitable one or two emails that are incorrectly sent to partners.

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We have many customers who need this feature! Association labels would be brilliant if they could be auto assigned, without it it becomes manual and at risk of someone forgetting which makes excluding certain labels from workflow communications too risky. Please add this feature!


Setting labels via workflows & bulk edit would be useful for me as wel.

Anyone else have an idea to use company-based workflows to send automated emails to contacts that only meet specific requirements (such as a label, or in my case I only want the email to be sent to the contact with the most deals.)


Yep. This.


Would be incredibly helpful for us as well. We plan on keeping some association labels universal, so it would be nice to use a workflow to keep them in sync. For example, we plan to use "decision maker" label on the company, deal, and ticket association labels. It would be amazing to use workflows to keep them in sync. 

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Great feature, but the association labels need (more) automation! 🙂 

We would also love to set a default association label. This would already cover some of the usecases.



+1 to all of the above! Our particular use case: creating a deal via a contact workflow (e.g. contact fills out a form) and automatically setting the association label at the same time. 


Agree with many above. We have several Contacts associated with a given Deal, most of which are different companies and 3rd parties.   It would be great to run workflows/automation to change properties or the association label.


Ex. If a Deal moves to Closed Won, only the Contact with the association label "Client" will automatically change its Lifecyle to Customer. 


Yes, It woul be great and so useful


Yes, I feel this is super necessary for the association label to make sense in any way for automated tasks.


We have workflows that automatically create onboarding tickets for customer success when a sale is closed. We really want these tickets to have the association label "onboarding" so we can use workflows to only change these onboarding tickets and not any other tickets the companies might have. 


I find it kind of weird that we can make workflows that only target objects with specific associations but not set those associations with workflows. 

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We're running into this issue as well and would appreciate this functionality. Our client wants to separate communication to certain associated contacts by association label but cannot afford to manually set the labels due to the volume of deals created and associated with multiple contacts.