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It would be great to be able to enable service level agreement criteria for tickets. We currently use workflows to do this but it is a cumbersome approach. 

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Part of all Zendesk plans. Would be good to have in Hubspot.


No SLA management - no service management. This as a kick-out criterion. Yes, some of the workflows can be created manually in Hubsport, but it's cumbersome, and why would I go through that pain if other tools (Zendesk, Jira SM) support it out of the box. Hubspot is still far away from an ITIL-aligned service management implementation. Focus is put on the simplicity of the end-customer interaction (understandably - that's where Hubspot excels), but what is missing is the ITIL process-driven MANAGEMENT of the service. I'd like to see a lot more devlopment efforts in that area, but there is nothing in the product roadmaps the Hubspot support team was able to point me to, so I have to assume that this isn't very high on their agenda.


Simple a must-have-out-of-the-box function! especially if it says "service"-hub, it should also include all the tools that is a must-have, minimum, state-of-the-art to a daily, operational service!