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Service Support forms with 2-3 dependent sub-categories

We want to integrate great Service-Forms so our customers can pre-select their issues.

1. For the customer/user

2. select from drop-down-fields what they have an issue with

3. this will allow us to route the tickets to the right teams/pipelpines via workflows and thus save manual labour

4. any normal service-form has this

It is currently possible to create 1 dependent field in HubSpot Forms.
I have 2 (in future 3) Service-Level-Categories

Level 1:
Level 2:
Fulfillment: Order missing
Fulfillment: Order wrong
Payment: Invoice
Payment: warning
Payment: refund
Feedback: Products
Feedback: Services

I cannot create a separate property for each Level 2 - this is not practicable in the ticketing and across all teams.

So I have to create 2 properties (drop-down):
Level 1 and Level 2

However this is where the forms reach their limit:
I can tell the form the following:
IF Level 1 = Fulfillment THEN open dependent field "Level 2" and only show the options with "fulfillment"

BUT then the next step is not possible:
IF Level 1 = Payment THEN open dependet field "Level 2" and only show the options with "payment"
here ist shows an error "this form has a double field"

1 dependent field is possible with a reduced choice of answers:



trying to do step 2:


error shown:



Here is the goal what i envision for our ticketing (how to look for our team)


Can anyone relate?
I want to save out support team manual labour and let the customer preselect topics - this will also speed up response time and lead to a greater service!

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