Service Hub email: options to resize images

When responding to support tickets, we often include .png, .jpg, or .gif images related to our instructions. 


There is no option to resize the screenshots once they are added to the email, so our reps end up sending unwieldy, huge images based on taking a screenshot on their retina macbook pros. They are hard for our users to view/get the gist of what we are talking about (see the huge window image in the email screenshot below) .


Screen Shot 2019-02-27 at 9.56.26 AM.png


It would be nice to have an inline Small/Best Fit/Full Size (or even small/medium/large) resizer within the inline email image manager, so that our support reps do not need to constantly manually resize images before composing emails to customers. Gmail is one example of the kind of tool I'd be looking for. 










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