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Please add a feature allowing users to print conversations (i.e. emails, chats) from the Conversation Inbox. 


To do this now, you wold need to use snipping tool (which is rather frustrating if you are tryign to print a long email and therefore need to snip, print, snip, print, snip, print...)02.05.2019.Conversation.Print02.05.2019.Conversation.Print

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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

I have a customer who would also find the ability to print conversations extremely useful.

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We cannot print emails using hubspot.  ALL other apps I can print out emails. This is bad. The only support team gets me to do is write here. How to print in hubspot? NO PRINT, sorry

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My team also really want this feature (in the ticketing view as well). This has become an issue that adds an extra step for our team. It's a basic feature, you should be able to print emails.

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It is a must-have feature for us! And it is a standard for any communication system. 

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We would also really appreciate this feature as our admin team are spendig ages snipping and printing making them very inefficient

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We would defintely like to request this feature asap for Customer Service, Client conversations, comments, etc. Can you please give us an update on arrival time for this feature. Printing should definitely be standard.



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We really need this feature too! Ofcourse we'd rather not need to print anything, as it would be more enviromentally friendly. But it will take quite some years until software can replace everything paper in the average office! Until then, please give us this VERY needed and VERY basic feature....