Server-Side Image Processing

I am about to launch our website on the Hubspot CMS. The migration went great, but I was surprised to find that Hubspot is serving up full-size images for the standard image carousel without any regard to viewport size. This resulted in our site slowly loading a bunch of images at the ~3,000px native resolution only to downsize them in the desktop browser to ~900. This disparity is even worse on mobile browsers. 


I am hoping that this can be fixed and that images can be processed on the server side, similar to what tools like Cloudinary do.


Admins should be able to upload full-resolution images to Hubspot (without having to resize them in Lightroom) and then use them in a variety of spots on a site, from small thumbnails to full-width backgrounds. Even very basic CMSs like Squarespace provide much more sophisticated image processing, like server-side resizing and focal point selection for responsive cropping.


Thanks for considering this!

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I'd agree and would love to have the ability to change the focal point, similar to SquareSpace:

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Totally agree. We are in the process of switching from Squarespace to Hubspot and am really disappointed you cant choose a focal point for images meaning that when they resize for different screens/devices they don't always look good.  I thought Hubspot was supposed to be a more sophisticated CMS ?!