Serialized coupons connected to HubSpot landing pages.



We would like to suggest a feature to allow for serialized coupons to be downloaded from HubSpot landing pages.


Serialized coupons are an important feature to our business and we currently have to use an outside platform to upload these and present them on a landing page and measure their usage.  We would really like this to exist in HubSpot because we create/host all of our other marketing creative there and it would be much better for integration and analytics to have the entire thing in one platform.


To explain how this works, we have a set number of serialized coupon codes that we set aside for a campaign.  We upload these into WordPress and connect them to a particular landing page - as people visit the page and download the coupon they are given the coupon with a serialized number on it.  (The serialization prevents coupon reuse and misuse.)  Our Customers are able to print/download and email this serialized coupon.


It takes a good amount of work and days of programming to get this to work properly in WordPress, and we would much rather do this inside HubSpot or with a HubSpot connected integration.


Any ideas for this would be helpful and we really would like to see this feature in a new release of HubSpot in the near future.




Alex Nejako

Digital Marketing Manager


HubSpot updates