Sequences to BCC to salesforce

In Sequences one of the features that was removed is the ability to BCC to Salesforce function for Sequence emails. Through the timeline we can log the first email in the sequence to salesforce but all other emails are not logged. Also when someone gets a response the subject line doesn't update and the task that gets passed over to salesforce gets jumbled. It makes it very hard to pull out actionable data for the sales team and marketing team. 

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I wish I could upvote this more! To remove a valuable feature like this seems like a poor choice given that any Sales Team looking to use Sequences to email prospects would want that information tracked in a CRM. 


We don't use the HubSpot CRM so we can't use Sequences natively from the HubSpot portal - my sales team has to manually send each contact an email through Gmail and use the Sequences/HubSpot extension to complete the automation, simply to be able to copy emails into Salesforce. 


It's really disappointing to learn this feature is only available for one-off emails, and is likely to mean that we'll have to find another solution for sales automation and cadence Smiley Sad