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The 5 emails per sequence restriction creates inordinate needless extra work for me and my team and should be lifted altogether:


  • Many times I need or want to communicate with a prospect more than 5 times to achieve my goals. Rather than being  able to do that in one simple step (one sequence), I'm forced to create multiple sequences, remember to enroll a contact in the next sequence after a prior sequence has terminated, etc. It's a goat rope. 
  • Lost opportunities/business - it's very easy to lose track of contacts who we expect will need more nurturing than just one sequence. Not only because it's a huge time suck for me and my team, but also because the HubSpot tools aren't well equipped to help us track these folks and enroll them in the next sequence.
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Definitely need this. Why would HubSpot limit the number of emails when it's sending from our own Gmail account? That doesn't even affect their server credibility. We have very high-performing 7-email cadences in Outreach that we now have to split into 2 cadences in HubSpot and manually start the second one (grrr). PLEASE fix this. Artificial limits help no one.

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Spoke to one of their sales engineers and they say its based on their "research", and they think if you dont get a response after 5 that you're not going to get one...


This goes against and their research saying it takes 7-11 to get a response. 

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Totally agree.  This is an arbitrary limitation and would be super-easy to code to increase to 10 or 20.  Why not let the customers decide the optimal number, instead of trying to decide for us?  Clearly, with 36 upvotes, this is a pressing need which should have been addressed by now.  Looks like the request goes back 18 months now.


Please help HubSpot developers!