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Sequences - Custom Unenrollment Actions

It would be helpful to have additional CTA options to unenroll contacts from sequences beyond the standard "booked meeting" or "replied to email." For instance, we run a lot of webinars and use Sequences to promote them to our contacts. In this case, it would be great if we could set "clicked registration link" as the unenrollment criteria. 


Right now I'm looking through the registration emails to see if they came in from the sequence, going into the contact record and manually unenrolling them so they won't get any more invites. 

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The unenroll options are limited but understandable given there would be large variations in criteria.

If not included in sequence setup (given again, variations in criteria) then allowing automated unenrollment control via workflows would suffice.


I agree as well, this feature would be very beneficial, especially if the lifecycle stage changes. for us, many of our sequences encourage leads to give us a call for a consultation, and instead of having to manually unenroll, setting up a sequence to unenroll based on a lifecycle stage would be incredible. 


I'd like to piggy-back on this idea as well. We have one use-case where we would like to use sequences to get customers to fill out a maintenance request. This way we get the information we need to perform the maintenance, the form details get automatically sent to customer service, and everything is logged in CRM for easy reference. However, it's not getting mass blasted to a list. The sales team wants to be able to send these out when appropriate, personalize them and make them look like a one-to-one email, so workflows aren't an option. At the same time, they are potentially sending out hundreds of emails so we need to be able to automate the reminders.



This would be very helpful for us too.


I am not sure if this has been addressed yet. However, it would be useful for larger sequences to filter out contacts who have opened or clicked on the emails we have sent. I imagine it looking similar to the capabilities of filtering in the "Marketing Workflows". Any capabilities to get more granular with our target audience is always a plus.

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Good idea


Great idea.


It would be great to be able to unenroll based on a call outcome, pipeline stages, or other actions!


Seconded. We work exclusively in ecommerce so most commonly a sales rep might need to manually check if the customer just ended up buying online, on their own. (At this point this limitation forces our clients to either NOT use the Sales Sequences tool or write the emails in such a way that it's okay for them to be ignorant of whether the client has made a cart purchase, neither of which are ideal)


In addition to the default "booked meeting/replied to sales email" Sequence unenrollment triggers that are already in place,

if HubSpot added the feature of "presence in a Marketing List" for Sequence unenrollment then that would cover pretty much every possible unenrollment use case. From making an ecommerce purchase to ones listed here like clicking a CTA to a deal moving into a particular pipeline stage, etc. 


Active/Static List-based unenrollment would be the quickest way to give maximum flexibility to the Sales Sequences tool.

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Upvoting on behalf of a customer! It would be super useful to be able to set goals for sequences to customise what triggers an automatic unenrollment, similar to contact-based workflow goals:

Use case: unenrolling contacts if they had a deal created and associated with them (though they didn't respond to the sequence emails or book a meeting)


Agree! The lack of control & automation between Sequences and Workflows is very aggravating to me... This was supposed to help align sales & marketing activities, but it's no different than using other SDR tools like Outreach




Automatic unenrollment of the contacts should not stay limited to email responses. It should be extended to calls, events, webinars, etc.


Being able to add a filter option, such as In xxxx marketing list or some contact field is known (we populate a webinar field when there is an RSVP).


Another idea which I think is in progress is to allow a workflow to unenroll from the active sequence.  When there is an external RSVP, we populate a list and send an email - would be good to also unenroll.


Adding to this - it would be great to unenroll someone from a sequence if a property is a certain value. For instance, we want to unenroll from a sequence when they hit a certain activity level in the product which we sync back to Hubspot. 


This is indeed very much needed! I'd like to automatically (un)enroll contacts based on their associated deal stage. 


Any plans to include this in future developments, Hubspot?


Absolutely, would be very helpful if integrated apps could be used within sequence function as unenrollment triggers - ie, unenrol from sequence when DocuSign envelope has been completed. 


I completely agree- at the moment sequences are quite restrictive in their functionality compared to workflows, which to me defeats the purpose...


Create a workflow that enrolls them in the sequence (i.e. set of tasks trying to connect with a contact).  Then create a second workflow where the trigger is the change in a specified contact/deal value (i.e. lead status changes from outreach attempted to contacted) and if that occurs, the following action is "unenroll contact from sequence".