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Sequence unenrollment

Our Customer Success and Sales team has realized that contacts get unenrolled from a sequence even if they reply to an email or book a meeting outside the sequence. We believe it would make a lot more sense if the contact would only get enrolled by directly replying to the sequence.

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I agree. We have several deals with the same client running concurrently and I've established a Quote Sequence for automated follow up and task reminders. When the client responds to any email, all sequences are unenrolled.


I see the potential downside too, but I feel the single unenrollment would be the greater good. What downside you say? Some salespeople would forget to update the enrollments and deals so there could be a level of "nagging".  Picture this: you have three opportunities on products X, Y, and Z. While calling on X the customer says they don't want Z. The rep closes Z but forgets to unenroll. Then the tasks continue. On the other hand, if that happens and the customer emails back that "we talked about this" then it would unenroll anyway.


Another thing to help overcome that would be if there is an enrollment under a deal, when deal is Closed Lost it would automatically unenroll IF there are individual sequences allowed.


This "feature" is creating a lot of issues for us and making me seriously consider going to Zoho.  There is a checkbox for the trigger and action. Why not activate it?

Email reply: Any email in this sequenceUnenroll: The contact from this sequence


If you were concerned about "nagging," then you could simply create an action that actively asks the user if they want to unenroll the individual when they reply or set a meeting.


I agree with this! My understanding is that there are many businesses who the old way wasn't working for them and they wanted the contact unenrolled when there was any kind of reply. This should have been an option that could be turned off or on. There's nothing on the sequence dashboard that indicates that a reply to an outside email even happened. Now I will have to go through nightly to see if someone has been unenrolled because they replied to something else.