Sequence filtered export contact list

After sequence is over, I would like to export the contacts from the sequence shown filters.

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This would be great, so I can do a more in-depth analysis of who responds and who doesn't

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In order to create reports meaningful to my company, a CSV export of recipient data at any time during the sequence is needed. Thanks.

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Being able to export contacts in a Sequence -- whether they have responded/unresponded or enrolled/unenrolled -- is a must-have feature. This would allow us to segment, splice, and/or share the data in many ways.

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
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Hi Community!


I'm updating this idea to 'Being Reviewed'. We are evaluating the steps needed to export contacts from a filtered list based on sequence enrollment. I will update here once we have a better idea for plans going forward. 




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Can we please have hubspot add in a list filter for sequences? We need to be able to retarget people that were put into a sequence that ended with no reply. 

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Would also like to be able to run reporting on the deal and sales outcomes of a sequence.

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I'd also LOVE to be able to export sequence data so that I can analyze and sort performance by company name once sequences wrap. Currently the only way to see is clicking page by page which is cumbersome and not the most efficient. Been googling this for weeks and it sounds like other people have requested to so hopefully it can be implemented!

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Same here! Export function please.