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Sequence Testing

It would be great to be able to test a sequence immediately (see the emails and task notifications) instead of having to wait for it process through the timing.  

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I'm facing the same problem! Testing the sequence should be a great new feature. It's not efficient to wait delays...

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I can't believe there is not an option to test a sequence. Doesn't make any sense. I am going to run my client's sequencing through Woodpecker. This just won't work, unfortunately.

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Yes, please! I really need to be able to do this too. Testing out a sequence in real-time, when clients have very long sales cycles is not an option. I've got a client who has a gap of 2-4 months between some emails in their sequences!


The functionality we have in workflows to be able to test the entire process without the delays would be great. 



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Need this.

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This would be super beneficial!! Users need to be able to test sequences before enabling them to ensure that they are going to operate as expected!!

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Yes, this is a must! You need to be able to test emails in sequences just like we can on the marketing side. 

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This is standard in any CRM system.

It shows a lack of understanding who Hupspots' customers are by not having a "testing" feature!


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Yes please!