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Sequence Settings, Shorter Delay Options for Sequences Steps

Right now, Sequence settings will only apply to the subsequent follow-up steps. 

After adding steps to your sequence, you can edit the sequence settings, including the follow-up email send times and default task creation times. These settings only apply to the emails and tasks that execute after the first step in your sequence. 

 1) Please make the first Sequence step apply to the first Sequence Step

This issue requires of a workaround of the user adding an initial "dummy" task, followed by an automated email that is subject to the Sequence Settings, however, you can't have the automated email sent out immediately. Instead, we are limited by one day (see screenshot). 
 2) Please allow for a shorter delays for subsequent steps, including a delay of zero (immediate action)

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The ability to manage sequenced engagement steps by day and time is paramount to creating an excellent experience for our customers and prospects. 


Having an hourly option as well as a daily option would be useful


Agree with all the comments here. Not sure why there is a minimum of 1 day. Both Salesloft and Outreach give you the ability to schedule a follow up task immediately after a task is completed or you can choose a set number of hours. Huge misstep by Hubspot. 


Agree. My team needs shorter delays for subsequent steps in a sequence, including a delay of zero (immediate action) for effecient outreach. 


Please allow more than one acticty per day!! I understand not more than one email a day, but a call and an email is different! 

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As an agency, this is a functionality that many of our sales-savvy customers require in order to completely customize and effectively manage the sequence steps. A forced full-day delay is much too long in many instances. Some cases would benefit from the complete removal of the delay altogether. 


This feels like a must-have. We use sequences that involve both calling and emailing on the same day someone signs up for a trial, and I'm pretty surprised we are not able to do this without workarounds. 


Yes, we need shorter delays.