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Sequence Sends in Recipients Timezone



Within the last month I've seen an option to send emails in receipants timezone, which was awesome! Sometimes I'm not sure which timezone they're in and it would save me a lot of time to have that option. I've used it before, and it was located under the enable threading checkbox.


I am: Business Development - Outbound emails

Goal: To reach contacts through email

Value: This will save me a lot of time, and possible replies


Please bring back this feature! thank you.


Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 4.22.35 PM.png

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Occasional Contributor

Sending emails in  recipients timezone increases the open rates. A must have featured.

New Contributor

Completely agree with HannahStream, I'm just planning my first sequence to contacts in the US and as I'm based in London being able to send in their timezone is a must have feature. I found this thread when searching how to enable it, I'm surprised that you don't have it and even more surprised to hear that you did have it but removed it!!

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This feature already exists when sending marketing emails - where it is called "Time Zone Send".  Adding this feature to sequences would be really valuable.

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Upvote all day!!!

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Adding this feature with the possibility to then limit it to a specific range e.g. between 9:00 AM and 10:00 AM in the morning would be great. Definitely deserves an upvote!