Sequence Reporting by User

Using the Sales Content Analytics (BETA).  The reporting on sequences is great.  Would love to be able to sort or view how many contacts have been added into a sequence by user versus just the total enrolled over a given period of time.  Can you add a "By User" button as you have in the "Templates" Analytics?

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Our sales team has KPIs related to the number of sequences they send out each week. I would like a way to easily run a report to see of many sequences (a specific sequence, not all of them) were sent within a specific time frame, by a specific Owner.

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This would be very helpful for our company as well.  Each team within the Sales Org uses different sequences - it would be very helpful for each organization to look as the specific sequences that they use (or own) in the Sequence/Template reporting so it's not lost in the hundreds (or more) of sequences/templates that exist across the company.

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Yes, badly needed.