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Sequence Meeting Tracking Flexibility/Options


It would be extremely helpful to have more flexibility with meeting tracking within sequences. Right now it ONLY counts as a meeting if the prospect/subscriber schedules a meeting using a link within an email they get during the sequence. However, sequences include more than just automated emails and the tracking should match that.


For instance, if my sequence includes adding a task to call a prospect and they schedule a meeting with me during that call there should be a way to track that meeting within the sequence. HubSpot already knows I have a meeting with them since I have my calendar syncing, so why shouldn't it also track within the sequence that the prospect is active in?


I want to know what sequences lead to meetings, not just what automated emails lead to meetings.

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Seconding this. Right now we have to track meetings manually, which is a huge bother. 


I would also like to see this, we are using multi-touch sequences with a combination of calls, linkedin and emails, it would be great to be able to factor in meetings booked from the calls in these sequences and would make the sequence reports a lot more accurate in reflecting how we are working through them


Seems silly not to have. 

Why wounldn't there be a way to add a result to the call task that significes 1. a call connect, and 2. that you booked a meeting.


We have them same issue. What good is a Sequence if you can't have end-to-end attribution from e-mail outreach to meetings booked? Now we see stats that are 0% for meetings booked even though we booked clients seperately. Hubspot can we please elevate urgency of this?


Also seconding this. When you have a call as a task. It seems weird not to track meetings on it.


Agree! Please sort this!

I have just sent out a sequence and a new contact from the company I sent the sequce to has booked a meeting. Awesome A NEW CONTACT AND THEY'VE BOOKED A MEETING! But less awesome it says this sequence has got no meetings. This is not true. I just want to attribute that meeting to that sequence PLEASE!


This would be VERY helpful for our business too.


We have various email sequences. This would help us look at the data and determine which sequences are effective in scheduling meetings.


Why has this not been addressed? Could we have options even for fuzzy "attribution" here? Like, the person was in a sequence and within 3 days booked a meeting, etc. The meeting shows up in their record -- so why can't it show up here? 


Why are you forcing your clients to look around to potentially invest in Salesloft or Outreach for this seemingly basic functionality? We need to be able to easily see which sequences are working so we can scale our business, become bigger companies, then spend MORE money with Hubspot... This sort of missing functionality is what makes people flip to SFDC, Salesloft, etc. We're a growing company and I hate the idea of migrating to SFDC (or any other platform) after having used Hubspot, which does 90% of everything we need, and does a LOT of things better than SFDC, Marketo, etc. 


Adding my comment for visibility. Has anyone found a work around for this in the meantime?


Also adding my comment for visibility. The original post is from three years ago... it's time to put together a solution for this, dear Hubspot 🙂 


PLEASE add this feature!


Note to Hubspot: Being unable to attribute calls booked externally to a Hubspot sequence makes it appear that Hubspot sequences aren't doing their jobs, i.e. getting us meetings and deals. As I report to the CEOs on the usefulness of Hubspot, it makes it extremely hard to advocate for the platform when it looks like the sales tools aren't working. A 0% meeting rate is not a good look for requesting renewal funds! 


From a usability standpoint, restricting call attribution makes our workflow and reporting very difficult and inaccurate. Our clients rarely book through a meeting link. As much as we wish clients would do as we tell them, they never do. We hope that Hubspot would understand the unpredictability of prospects and make our lives easier by giving us this feature!


Any update or acknowledgement @hubspot?? This is a crucial data point across all businesses


Our reps commonly book a meeting during the phone call stage of a their sequences and would love to have that reflect in the sequence meeting conversion rate. Adding a sequence as an "association" option when manually logging a meeting could be a solution.


Running into this issue, as well, as we are creating a brand new sales org - and tracking meeting rates is critical with new sequences. The majority of our customers do not book via a link and rather respond with a question or 2 (since we are in security and compliance) and then book a meeting so these numbers are completely inaccurate - please allow us to track those meetings back to these percentages @hubspot 


Having this issue too! Currently manually tracking meetings outside of Hubspot as a workaround. Would massively prefer to be able to manually update which contacts I've met with. 


For example, I sometimes message on LinkedIn or call alongside a sequence and book a meeting through it, and I currently can't attribute this to the sequence, even though it's part of it. 


Yes, maybe after 2 years of requests, Hubspot can put this on the roadmap.  Would be very useful, especially for booking meetings in other channels. 


Bumping this as well, seems insane this has not already been addressed. Such a miss on a core functionality to the tool. 


For Sales enterprise users, there is now "Deal Rate". However this metric cannot be exported or manipulated to include relevant cursory information in either a List nor template report. 
So the next step is for the product managers not to make it so siloed.


Need this as well, as most meetings won't be created in the sequence but manually. We need to add them to sequences for reporting.