Seperate permissions to read/write/delete contacts, companies and deals

Right now we have users deleting deals instead of setting them as lost, so we lose data that would tell us what kinds of deals are being lost. So users should not be able to delete any deals regardless of who owns them, but they should still be able to edit them.


Users should continue to be able to delete contacts and companies, since they might be created on accident from Gmail integration, etc.


Main need is to ensure data integrity. For example conversion rates to customer might now be off because lost deals are being deleted.


While being able to stop users from deleting deals would be the most important feature to have, separating read/write/delete permissions in general would be useful.

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Great point, we need the same thing OR an audit trail as to what deals were deleted, when and full details.

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Totally agree that the ability to delete should be something that can be restricted at the user level.


In searching through the community I found these related posts (one on deal records, one on leads). Upvotes on these might get more attention paid to the issue.

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Hi there


I think this is key functionality. This should include the ability to restrict the deletion of tasks and notes as well as objects like contacts, companies and deals. Delete should have its own permissions set.

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Agree completely and I do believe this is a key feature that should be given immediate attention.

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It is imperative that only the person assisgned a task can edit or mark it complete.

The ability to delete tasks and notes opens up a can of worms. Tracking and accountability becomes a nonentity.


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Absolutely essential to ensure data integrity

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Still no Response?


Our company has the same problems, and we are about to move to a PRO version since 

our stratup is growing fast, this is a MAYOR issue that contacts can be deleted by users or employee's 


I Believe that we will move to Sales Force. 

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We absolutely need this! This feature is needed to prevent leads, notes, activity history, etc. from being deleted!

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It is BAFFLING to me that this is not already a feature. 

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We absolutely need this!


This feature is needed to prevent information vulnerability.