Separate user permissions for Deals and Contacts



Apologies if there is an existing idea for this, I cannot seem to find one but have seen comments on other ideas that show me this is something that others seem to be struggling with.


I would like to be able to set separate permissions for my users for deals and contacts.


I am sure others would have different requirements, but for our use case, what we need is the ability for users to have different permissions:

for ContactsView Everything, Edit Owned Only,

for Deals: View Owned Only, Edit Owned Only. (or Team Only for branch managers)


In our context, Real Estate, a Contact can (and will) have multiple deals with multiple users, often simultaneously.  They could be buying a property and selling an existing one, or buying multiple properties from multiple users.

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YES!! PLEASE!  This is EXACTLY what we need to make the switch from Salesforce to hubspot for our sales team.  Why would you have important financials/deals grouped in with contact permissions.  They need to be separate.

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I like the basis of this idea.  We have a client that has multiple independent sales people and they don't want them seeing each other's Deals.


If this could restrict Deal visibility to 'owned only' this would help them massively.

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We also need this functionality. Ideally, we would like to set permissions all the way down to the property level. 


For example, our Lead Generation team is responsible for creating new deals and assigning them to Sales Reps. Sometimes, when a Sales Rep identifies a lead outside of the normal process, they will create the deal and assign the deal to themself. 


We could solve this with either the ability to restrict deal creation to certain teams/individuals, or restricting editing of the "HubSpot Owner" field to certain teams/individuals.

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Another vote for this. 

multiple sales people and we don't want them seeing each other's Deals.

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I too have a similar concern but with the Contacts and Companies access. The reason being sales team is targeting employees of the companies listed and we want them to be able to access companies but not each other's contacts, deals and tasks.


If we can give below access right to each salesperson, will be great

for ContactsView Owned Only, Edit Owned Only;

for Companies: View Everything, Edit None;

for Deals: View Owned Only, Edit Owned Only;

for Tasks: View Owned Only, Edit Owned Only

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This ideal is exactly what we need as we have multiple divisions and companies where we want to be able to share contacts, but we want deals only visible by the team of the owner.


There are a few reasons why.

  1. We can’t make contacts team only as we have 30+ companies so the likelihood we have a shared contact is high, and if we turn this feature to team only, then another team won’t be able to see that contact.
  2. We need to hide the deals as we don’t want to leave the possibility to privacy, price fixing etc. This is a big no no for most of the managers of our business.

Voting for it, we really need it.

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Hey everyone, thanks for the support.  It seems that this has been implemented now, there do appear to still be some ways around it, if you happen to have the URL you can go directly to a deal you should not be able to see.