Separate Call and Meeting Type in the Activity Filters

I recently had trouble with Goals within a Workflow and it was because Call and Meeting type are grouped together.


For example, the goal is for a meeting to be of a certain type. If a call is logged with the same type, the goal is attained under the current structure.


As Calls and Meetings are different (and they are talked about differently in Hubspot support documents), its odd to me that they are grouped together as filters.


Please consider separating Meeting and Call Types as separate trackable and filterable options as Calls and Meetings are different.  In the meantime a workaround is using Activity type IS meeting and using the other Meeting and Call Type filter, but thats less than ideal.



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I talked about this with an Inbound Consultant, and she recommended I make the suggestion here.


A call and a meeting are two VERY different things. A meeting might take place by phone, but the content of a phone call and a meeting are drastically different, and it's important for sales teams to be able to log their activity accurately.

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The only workaround I've found in the goal: Activity --> Call and meeting type is equal to "Type of call you have" AND "Activity type" is equal to "Call".


Or just do "Activity type" is equal to Call? Its still an oversight they are grouped together.

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