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Separate Branding by Business Units for Sales documents

When sending out a sales document, when viewed by the customer, the branding at the top defaults to the portal's "account" business unit, which can be confusing for customers if they are receiving documentation or correspondance from a different business unit. 

Please make it possible to separate documents by business unit so that their branding is correct for each document.

Or at the very least, make it possible to remove the Hub's branding from documents alltogether. 

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I agree! We have several business units and when we go to send a sales document, it uses the branding of the default account (this can be confusing for our contacts). There should be an option to separate all sales tools per business unit or at least allow branding changes for documents.


+1 for this. Highly required with multiple BUs.


Desparately need this. Our two business units are different brands. It's confusing for customers to receive a link to a document that contains a logo that is not aligned to their interactions. If it's a complex fix, it would be better if there is no logo at all. I'd prefer to have the option to remove the logo than to have the wrong logo. Thanks


Agreed. We have 6 different business units (brands). It would be great if the business unit functionality applied across all of HubSpot features. 


+1. We have multiple entities under the same portal and we've had to resort to using a blank png image as our logo to avoid confusion on sales documents!