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Sent Recurring Reports via Slack

I know that the "Share Dashboard via Slack Feature" was introduced and is working.


But what would make it great would be the following from our perspective:


It would be great if this can be automated / recurring and can be triggered trough workflows. 

Also it would be great if there would be a little preview when you post a report. Especially if you just post a KPI then the KPI should be directly displayed in Slack. Use Case for this could be like a counter to inform everybody how a specifc KPI is changing troughout the month.

Also Charts can be directly displayed as a Preview from our perspective.


Lastly it should also be possible to sent this not only to open channels but also to closed ones and also to specific people.


Thanks for the work!

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Automate + recurring would make this infinitely more valuable!


This is a great idea. We would like to send a report of Meetings Booked per month at the end of each month to a slack channel.