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Sending email to company-based list

To my surprise it is not possible to send email to company-based lists. 


We have an integration between CRM system Koho and HubSpot, and store a lot of business critical information about contracts and customers in Koho. The integration pushes data to HubSpot (custom fields) which has been selected as the agile tool for communication and marketing to our customers. Due to the company dependent information, I found out the hard way we are not able to use company-based lists to reach out to our customers. 

I hope you would develop this feature very soon. Usability of HubSpot would be much better without exporting data to excel and then importing the same data back. It just doesn't make any sense. 

The experience was totally unexpected not being able to send to a company-based list and it caused a lot of unnecessary trouble in a tight time schedule. I hope you would at least give information about the absence of the feature in the list and email tools.

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August 19, 2023 10:42 AM

Hi folks,


Thank you so much for your passion for this idea. I'm happy to announce that you can officially email a company-based list! 



To generate a list of Contacts associated to an existing Company list, first add in your Contact property criteria if any. Then change the object in the drop down from ‘Contact’ to ‘Company’ and select ‘List Membership’ in the menu.


Choose from the available Company lists and choose your operator: ‘is’ or ‘is not a member of’.


Finally, refine your contact list with any additional filters.  You can now e-mail that contact list that references those contacts from a company you care about based on their association or association label.


NOTE: You can also reference existing Contact lists in the Company list filters using the same process above - just be sure to select ‘Contact’ in the drop down instead of ‘Company’.


May 12, 2023 10:24 AM

Hi everyone. I'm Roger, Product Designer at Hubspot, and I'm happy to say we are in the process of developing this functionality. Appreciate everyone's patience and support in this effort. If you have questions, feel free to reply on this thread or reach out to me. In the meantime, I will keep you all posted.




In Planning
September 26, 2022 07:41 AM

Hi everyone. My name is Anita and I'm a Product Designer at HubSpot. Nice to meet you!


I have some good news: we're aiming to add some new functionality that will allow the creation of lists in which one object is associated to a second object on a list of that second object (ex: list of contacts associated to companies on a company list, or list of companies associated to contacts on a contact list). This should allow you to market to the specific contacts you're seeking.

Would any of you be interested in participating in a paid research study? In order to ensure that this functionality is effective and easy-to-use, we need to test it with you, our users. That will help us understand how well it works and meets your expectations.


Session details:

  • Participants will be paid upon completion of the session
  • Session will require no more than one 30 minutes of your time
  • Session will consist of a Zoom call where you'll complete tasks using a prototype of this new functionality
  • You'll be asked to provide honest feedback as you go


Interested? Please sign up using this Google Form. If you qualify, we'll reach out to set up a time to talk.


Thanks so much! Looking forward to talking to you.

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A new feature that allows you to send marketing emails to a Company List instead of a Contact List would be great! We frequently create Company Lists that pull just companies from a particular set of cities, but there's no way now to email that list.

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Hi, you are corrrect and this feature is really needed.

I think it is in development at the moment.


We would really need to use this kind of feature because we have made an integration with another system that has very important information about customers, which are company-related custom fields. A big handicap is that we have now company-based lists that are not usable in emails. Where else we would need them? I hope you take this feature under development soon! 

Community Manager

Hi @TVento 


Thank you for reaching out. 


I'd recommend posting an Idea in our Ideas Forum regarding this. That way other users can upvote it, and the Product Team regularly monitor the Forum


Thank you




Literally just went through this with support yesterday. It's not even just that there isn't an ability to email a company-based list, but you can't even use said list to generate a list of contacts based on the associated company being on that list, either through the lists area or the contacts filters. The only option right now is to export the entire database of contacts and perform a vlookup to sift out the contacts who are associated with the chosen companies, then import that list back into the system. Seems a bit roundabout, no?


I want this feature as part of my email's "Don't send to" filter.


Totally agree. Makes no sense why you can only send to Contacts list. Why not both?


There is no sense to let you create enterprise lists without the ability to send email marketing campaign based on enterprise entities 😅

I hope they will fix it ASAP, It's important especially if you work on a B2B company.


Thanks for asking about this topic! 
I want to NOT email contacts, within companies, which are in certain deal phases.  Being able to not email a list of companies would be helpful! 

(On a contact level, looks like I can only filter out contacts that are directly associated with a deal. For example, Company A has Contacts #1, #2, #3 a deal in "contract sent" stage associated with Contact #1... I don't want to be emailing Contacts #2, #3 either)


I don't understand why this isn't a thing. I am in shock. I went to send an email to a list of companies and I can't. I'm trying to email schools, which don't always have contacts, just the admin office. Seems a bit daft to upload a load of contacts called Admin when I could just send an email to the admin email address. 


We have the same issue, we have companies but often no unique contact behind it. We need to send them mails, but can't. This seems completely out of place for a tool like HubSpot, not sure why this still isn't a thing in 2021....


I was also surprised by Hubspot's same huge limitation. We are an B2B business, and in our case, diferent Companys can have the same Contact, but in our email marketing lists these contacts / companys only appear once, that means that I can't get in touch with a lot of companies because they have the same contact. Honestly I'm disappointed.


I was also surprised by Hubspot's same huge limitation. We are an B2B business, and in our case, diferent Companys can have the same Contact, but in our email marketing lists these contacts / companys only appear once, that means that I can't get in touch with a lot of companies because they have the same contact. Honestly I'm disappointed.


Our company has also has similar special needs as yours @PCastro , as the majority of our clientele are property managers who work in their own company, but serve dozens of housing cooperatives. And the housing cooperatives are the final customer, but property managers do all the administrative work for them and they have a lot of power in desicion making. For this reason we have made a special property in HubSpot CRM which allows us to put the same contact in various companies, in our case housing cooperatives.

Community Manager

Hi there @PCastro @ÖS @TVento 


This is not possible at this stage within HubSpot, however I see how it could be useful for you and other users I'd recommend upvoting this Idea in our Ideas Forum regarding this. You can also subscribe to the idea (Options > Subscribe) to get notified if the status changes. 


Thank you!




Since we use 'Accounts' on Salesforce as our main client database, we are forced to use 'Companies on HubSpot to make the integration work seemlessly. Unfortunely, we can't use HubSpot for emailing our clients due to this functionality not being available. Total nonsense!


Why is this still just an idea, and not a feature? We're B2B. Same issue as above. We want to send to a Salesforce synced list of company contacts who are the PRIMARY contact of the company. I do not want to email EVERYONE related to the company, just the Primary, 


Please, make it possible to send emails to companies. I know you can create "person" contacts for each company, but since a lot of companies's email address is the same as a person, it doesn't create duplicate records in HubSpot when I import a csv of companies and their email addresses.


This is literally insane. Why can you create a company list and then not market to them?


For B2B businesses this is almost a deal breaker. 


If this still hasn't been built you must be asleep at the wheel. 


Any B2B business requires this simple functionality. 


No point being able to create company lists just to look at them.  Please built ASAP.