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Sending Sequences from a shared inbox

My team and I would like to be able to send email sequences to perspective clients from our shared email to keep everything in one place and have everything easily accessbile.

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May 19, 2020 08:08 AM

We are reviewing the ability for sequences to be sent from a shared inbox email address.

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Seems like a simple change that would be hugely beneficial. Though I understand that you could also use a workflow to achieve a 'similar' thing it is not the same. 



+100  we need this right away. It would be hugely beneficial for sales teams to send sequences from a shared inbox


How much reviewing do you need?? @hubspot 


+1 yes need this! any update on when this is available?


@glencornell Could you kindly provide an update for this?  We just bought into the Enterprise suite and it has just made HubSpot SalesHub Redundant for us!  We have to stop the implementation due to this.


I agree that this is a very much needed functionallity.

Have anyone else tried the solution @tallinjohnson had (posted in this forum thread at ‎Nov 28, 2019 12:05 PM?
I think it sounded very promesing but I have yet not been able to get it to work.

This is where Im at trying to get that soution to work:

Lets say or shared email is

I tried your solution but was not able to create an alias i Gsuite for my shared email containing + sign. It ways that emails/aliases cant include + sign.
I tried to create for example

I instead tried to create a alias called However, I cant add that as a personal email in Hubspot. It failes to login to Gmail (using  with that. I gues its due to that aliases cant be used to login to Gmail with.


Of course, it would be really most usefull !

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 any update on this please ? Increasingly problematic to not be able to set this up for our clients. Many thanks.


I too feel like this should be basic functionality. I'm sure HubSpot has its reasons, however, not being able to use sequences with a shared inbox is hugely disappointing.


Thanks to @tallinjohnson for posting his workaround. We may explore this. I generally hate having to use workarounds, but if it works and is the only way to use sequences with a shared inbox, we'll probably wind up using this or a modified version of it.


There was another comment from @Mart saying that this is included with Marketing Hub Professional. Well, we have Marketing Hub Professional and I have looked through all of the settings and there is no way to enable this unless I'm missing something. It would be helpful if someone from HubSpot could confirm whether or not Mart was correct or not. If this is included with Marketing Hub Professional, I have no idea how to enable it.


Hi very very very very needed feature! my sales assistant refuse to use their personal mail , and I can understand it , it must be shared inbox 


Posting a follow up here. The solution posted earlier in this thread about using Google Workspace aliases no longer works.


Simply transitioning your sequences into workflows works well.


However, I've noticed that emails sent from workflows, even when it's a deal workflow, aren't associated with the deal. I know this is a separate topic, but emails sent from deal workflows should automatically be associated with the deal.


For example, the "number of times contacted" property in HubSpot is inaccurate if you've sent emails via a deal workflow as those emails aren't counted since they aren't associated with the deal unless you go back after they're sent and manually associate them.


This solution should be the solution that HubSpot's team recommends in this case, at least in my opinion.


Looks like no one has touched this since 2020, any chance we can get this feature added?!? We also are a small sales team and manage from the same inbox and forwarding emails to the shared inbox seems way to manual for a CRM as amazing as Hubspot is!


Dear Hubspot,

You were considering this idea 2 years ago. Did anything happen in the meantime?

We need sequence emails to be sent from a shared inbox and not only a personal one.

Speed this up!


The timelines on some of these submitted ideas are pretty ridiculous. So much so that it makes it pointless having this mechanism to submit feedback. In the 2 years it takes for you to 'review' the idea, we have had to create alternative solutions or leave the platform if it doesn't meet needs. 

We would much prefer transaprency around the likelihood of these ideas being realistically considered. At the very least an update to inform customers on what you have acheived in those 2 years.


@glencornell any update on this?


This feature would be a huge win for us.


@glencornell any update on this? we are three years in.... And still no solution? 


how many people are interested in this? believe this is essential for the business? 


Bumping this post. Would be great if this feature could be added!


Same! Is there an update here? 


This would be fantastic, is this in the works yet??


Come on HubSpot - stop trying to squeeze your Users.


If this functionatliy is availble to Marketing Pro can you please just enable it in Sales Pro?