Sending Sequences from a shared inbox

My team and I would like to be able to send email sequences to perspective clients from our shared email to keep everything in one place and have everything easily accessbile.

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I am having the same issue. We are considering creating a user with the shared email and removing the shared inbox to be able to send sequences from that account. 

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This was huge disapointment for me.


We manage all out sales from a shared inbox to ensure customers only interact with one email address directly, not being able to send the equences from a share mail box - kills off any benifit of the fucntionality for us.


Did setting up a new user with the shared mailbox work? 


We could do this but it really defeats the purpose of using the tools.



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Agreed! I'm just trying to set up sequences for our team now. Has anyone found a good workaround?

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looking for a workaround for this too, was a big disappointment when we realised it wasn't possible after purchasing!

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Can't believe this isn't possible. 

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I think it would be good if hubspot staff could comment on whether they are considering allowing the functionality for shared mailboxes to use this feature, it certainly devalues the overall package for us.


In addition to limiting the ability to send automated emails directly to people / third parties, based on workflows, unless you have the marketing subscription. 

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I totally agree. I mean even to understand where their company/vision/mindset is on giving us the cutting edge tools we need. You know what they say: "how someone does one thing, is how they do everything." Well, how they respond to this idea request and others, is an indication of how they think. If they are generally of the mindset of LIMITING our abilities, it's time to look elsewhere. The world moves too fast to be partnering (using) a service with a mindset like that.

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Has anyone got an Answer to this yet, new to HubSpot sensing sequences from a shared in box is totlaly logical.


Does anyone know if this has happened?

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No its typical of hubspot yo ignore value added idea and requests... 


The work around is to add a shared mailbox as a user, but again this is not perfect.


This is entirely within their ability to enable. ...


Same with emails to external parties on deal workflows...

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Also a big issue here! Would like to keep up with any developments on this subject. Is the only workaround at the moment to assign the email of the shared inbox to one user?

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This appears to be a big issue for a lot of people, there has been no response from hubspot.... 


It's certainly making us think about moving elsewhere, 


Having any replies go to an individuals mailbox, when you work on the basis of using a shared mailbox is far from ideal,


It creates a bad experience with customer, as they start receiving emails from a individual rather than the group mailbox, and they also start replying directly to this user.


So it breaks our internal processes and is far from ideal.



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Yes we are struggling with the same. The majority of our inquiries go to our info@ email address which is accessed by a couple of people and it defeats the object if we can't use the sequence tool for all these inquiries. Doing it without it just means so much more work. It would be great if this could be changed! 

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If you look back through the history of user requested changes, most of them take many years, sometimes 4-5 years to be implemented. That's if they are implemented at all. I'm sorry, but I cannot wait that long to stay competitive and ahead of the market. That's slower than a 1970's corporation. 

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Looking for this feature as well. I figured I'd have it when upgrading to sales starter and disappointed to find out after purchasing that it's not available. It would be great if they implemented it. 

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Hi Everyone, I think I may have found a viable workaround for Gmail/GSuite users (not sure if this will work on other email platforms like Outlook or not).


What you will want  do is connect your shared inbox using the team email (like normal):



Here's the kicker, Gmail/Gsuite has a little function that you can use by using the "+" sign in your email, which will allow you to still send emails to your same email yet your essentially creating a new email alias. For example, say my team/shared email is, I could create an email alias as and another as I could then assign each of those aliases to whoever needs a personal inbox setup. (Note: you can add anything after the "+" sign if you want. So for example, you could add the first name of a team members like and it will work in the same way). Your prospects/clients won't ever see the +1 or +john btw.


You can then add each of these email aliases in as a personal inbox for each of your HubSpot users looking to send email sequences. To do so, you will need to connect the email alias using Gmail/GSuite's IMAP settings (more info below). 


In order to connect via the IMAP settings, you will need to allow less secure apps to access your account. To do this, first, go into your GSuite settings to "Allow users to manager their less secure apps":



Next, you'll need to set your shared/team inbox to allow less secure apps by logging in to your google account and navigating here:



From there, you can proceed by adding the email alias for each HubSpot user by using the "Other mail account" setting:



You can find the IMAP settings for GSuite here:


Then once you create the settings, your alias will be connected as a personal inbox:



I tested it out and was then able to successfully send sequences using the alias, but the emails are received from the "" (again prospects and clients will never see it was sent from the I then was able to add in my team members using a second and third alias as well (you can create as many as you need).


I hope this solution helps some people out with this issue. Still is crazy to me how this isn't yet just a standard feature.

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hi all, I have been told by hubspot staff that this feature is available with marketing professional ( at a significant cost), where you can choose which email address is used for workflows and sequences.


Considering, no hubspot staff have responded to this idea, for us, I think we're gonna start looking for an alternative to hubspot, 


Has anybody started looking at alternatives which would allow this functionality?


I would be very interested to hear of all the the possible alternatives out there.


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Our team works out of a shared inbox, having sequences be a part of this would help!

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We are having the same issue. We really need to use sequences through our shared inbox because we need everything at one place, and we only communicate with customers through shared inbox. 


Please make this possible as it would save my team tremendous amount of time


Thanks 🙂


lol, we have exact the same. So sadly to have everything changed from personal inboxes to "shared inbox" email and then sequences doesn't anymore from the shared emailadress. Can you add this asap?

Status updated to: Being Reviewed
HubSpot Product Team

We are reviewing the ability for sequences to be sent from a shared inbox email address.