Sending CES survey as part of the Ticket Closed email

In Freshdesk, the "ticket closed" email template allows the user to choose to rate their experience all in the same email. I've found that in HS, it must be a separate email sent out at an interval we choose. This seems to bombard the user with emails (especially if they are a customer who always has multiple tickets going). A simple "How was your experience, Bad, OK or Great" would suffice. If it's part of the email telling a customer that an issue was closed, it's more efficient and they can choose to respond, or not. I want to poll my customers for their experience after each ticket is resolved... but not if it means sending them yet another email.

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I like this idea.  I am thinking that this could be something that is elective based on the action of moving the ticket to a closed state.  A check box perhaps, that allows you to choose to send  a survey or not as part of the action of closing the ticket.  The other alternative would be to include the survey as part of a closing email where you are essentially telling the customer, thank you we are closing the ticket.


Having the ability to do this would solve some of the problems that I outlined in my idea....


Thanks for posting this.