Send notifications of all new chats to Slack without assigning to user

I've set up the Slack integration to send me notifications when someone fills out a form but I'd like that notification to go to a Slack channel (not an individual). Also, it would be great if the notification included the name or email address of the contact (right now, it just has a link to the Hubspot contact with no details). 

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Definitely agree! Also would be nice to be able to be more granular on the Slack notifications. While it would be a welcome improvement to have form submission notifications go into a channel. It would be even better to be able to send specific form submisisons to specific channels. An example use case would e if someone fills out a Demo Request Form, then post the notification to the #Sales channel.


For ultimate flexibility, being able to have Slack notification options be available in workflows would allow you to come up with all kinds of different scenarios!