Send internal email on contact workflow without setting up marketing email campaign


When triggering an internal email, some workflows allow a simple email to be written directly in the workflow. However, a contact-based workflow requires setting up an entire marketing email campaign (complete with unsubscribe links, and other requirements) in order to trigger what should otherwise be a simple internal notification email. Why is this the case? This is causing extra overhead for a process that 1) should be simple and 2) already exists on the other workflow types. Would be great to get the implemented in the contact-based workflows.

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Status updated to: In Beta
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Hi folks!


I'm pleased to report that this capability is in Beta. To gain access, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Channel Consultant.


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Status updated to: Delivered
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This feature went live in the tool earlier this year:


Internal email actionInternal email action




Configure the Internal email actionConfigure the Internal email action