Send emails from deal in mobile app


It is crucial to be able to send emails directly from the deal in the mobile app. Or, when sending emails from the contact, to be able to associate that email with both the contact and a related deal, like you can from the website. 


Our field sales team is often on the road during the day as they travel between appointments and frequently correspond with customers from their phones. They can send those emails from the contact using the mobile app, but there's no way currently via the app to associate those emails with the deal, which is where all of the relevant sales activity is actually being tracked and recorded. 

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We really need this solution please !


We are experiencing the same issue. Our sales guys spend 4 days on the road and work from the mobile app. They need to contact customers and be able to link those calls and emails to deals. we have automated tasks on open deals (follow up...) and they keep getting notifications even though contact was made. 


I use Hupspot app daily starting calls from deals and tasks, and I spend a lot of unnecessary time to link these calls to the right deal. Please upgrade! Thanks.


From an Ipad or an IPhone ... Is there any resolution on the ability to send an email directly from within the deal to a contact associated with the deal while using the Ipad / Iphone app version of Hubspot


Is there any update on this request to be able to send emails straight from within the deal on the ipad / iphone mobile app? 


Any update for mobile?